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See below for descriptions of previous and current workshops Shoshana offers through Agada. Please be in touch if you have a workshop idea not featured below.

Deep Listening and Intimacy Building

In this era where so much social interaction occurs through technology, we have lost practice in having deep, present conversations with others. And, yet, so many of us crave the type of intimacy that can only occur through these types of interactions. This workshop gives participants skills and practice in supporting another to share a piece of their story in a supportive environment. Great for individuals and workplaces looking to building relationships across difference. 

Introduction to Oral History

This two-hour workshop gives participants a thorough understanding of oral history  and how it differs from other interview techniques. Participants have the opportunity to practice deep listening and interview skills and leave with the tools to conduct their own interview.


Advanced Oral History Technique

Conducted as part of a two or three-part series, this workshop gives participants a thorough understanding of what oral history is and how to go through the entire process of conducting an archival level interview. Great for individuals wanting to conduct a family history project and organizations wanting to train volunteers to conduct oral histories of their community. Can be privately funded or funded through a grant.

"It has been a pleasure to work with Erica Shoshana Rivers on our oral history project.  Her concise directions provided clear instruction for our volunteers and helped define the first-rate outcome of the project.  Her relaxed approach to the process made it easy for us to interact without sacrificing the quality of the project." -Lydia 

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