What story do you want to create?

Life often flows more easily and feels more fulfilling when we have strong vision. With a vision, we experience new energy and new healing capabilities. Yet crafting a vision takes time and often support. Shoshana is passionate about helping people so that they feel a sense of agency in the way their story unfolds. Visioning sessions typically last an hour and clients take home a visual map capturing the essence of the session. 

Possible session topics

  • Five or ten-year life plan

  • Soul purpose

  • Website design

  • Business development

  • Career/vocation

  • Relationships

  • Life hacking/optimal wellbeing

  • Planning workshops, grants, proposals

  • Another topic of your choosing

Shoshana's Story

Shoshana has an ability to connect deeply with people and organizations, see their full potential, and develop an intuitive sense of what their future my hold. Shoshana started doing visioning sessions for herself several ago as a way of making positive changes, discerning goals and uncovering her soul purpose. She has started sharing these gifts with nonprofit organizations, groups and individuals and feels passionately about the powerful impact visioning can have on the quality of people's lives. 

Much gratitude to Shoshana's gifts. Thank you Shoshana for listening to me, listening to my soul, and helping me with the vision of my website that I see as my soul's work. I also appreciate getting me up to speed on the latest and greatest in what website building technology has to offer. I appreciated the good communication flow during our working sessions together and communication between sessions. Honesty, integrity, visionary, and all in a timely manner.

-Sonia Casey, Herbalist

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