Integrative Healing

What story is your body telling? What story are you ready to heal?

Honoring that the healing journey is multifaceted and looks different for each person, Shoshana offers integrative sessions that that facilitate healing on the level of body, mind and soul. Clients have the opportunity to sign up for individual storytelling, energy healing, astrology and intuitive coaching sessions, or sign up for an integrative session combining multiple modalities in one. Sessions last 60-90 minutes and occur in a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive environment that centers around meeting each person where they're at. Clients leave sessions feeling deeply supported in their journey and empowered with new tools to be their own healer. 


Storytelling sessions support people to heal through the powerful act of sharing their story. Through retelling their life experiences, clients can experience a profound release, new insights and self-appreciation, and a sense of being witnessed in their journey.


  Clients can choose to record their story and, if they want, use it as a first step for a biography, website, book  or other medium.

Energy Healing

In energy healing sessions, clients  heal their story on the level of their energy body. A 60-90 minute session supports clients to release energy that is no longer serving them, prevent new dis-ease from manifesting and function at their best energetic potential. Clients also often experience freedom from pain and a sense of profound inner balance and rest. They leave feeling a much deeper connection to their body and spirt. Energy healing works powerfully as a stand alone modality and in conjunction with other modalities.   


Astrology readings tell the story of how different energies interact in a person's psyche, what energies might be affecting them at any given moment, and what energies might affect them in the future. The level of insight someone can gain in one reading alone can be life changing and can offer them many new tools for living and being in relationship at their fullest potential. Agada offers birth chart readings, transit readings, and two types of relationship readings: synastry and composite. 

Intuitive COaching

Through deep listening and intuitive guidance, coaching sessions support people in their unfolding life story. After a session, clients will often have new understandings of their experience, new inspirations for changes they want to make, and new tools for making them.  There is often sense of space and lightening and even joy amongst challenging life circumstances. Coaching sessions typically last an hour and can occur in person or over the phone.

Shoshana's Story


Using the skills Shoshana gained from her background in oral history and her natural ability to hold space for people's stories, Shoshana began facilitating storytelling sessions a few years initially due to a passion for helping people document their spiritual journeys. She found that these spiritual journey and other storytelling sessions can be extremely powerful, allowing people to both release what no longer serves and feel a sense of empowerment from claiming their life experiences.

Energy Healing

After discovering that she was highly sensitive to and able to feel energy, Shoshana began to study energy a few years ago initially for her own self care and healing.  Her passion for studying energy comes from the understanding that everything is made up of energy and that we store our life experiences in our energy body. She understands that if we don't have the opportunity to release the experiences and stories that no longer serves us, their energetic imprints can manifest as mental and physical dis-ease. In addition to self study, Shoshana has taken Beginning and Intermediate Energy Skills, 5th Dimension Energy Healing, and Healing Touch Levels 1-3. 


Through working with a local astrologist, taking classes and her own self study, Shoshana has been able to learn the language of astrology. Astrology has had a tremendous impact on her own spiritual journey and healing process and she is excited to have started sharing it with others. She is in awe of the way that astrology can support us to be our freest and fullest selves and has found that it dovetails beautifully with her other healing modalities. 

Intuitive Coaching

After years of using her intuitive and compassionate nature to be a support person for friends and family, Shoshana has been able to hone these skills into coaching sessions that have the ability to give people a profound sense of personal empowerment. She has found that intuitive coaching works well as a stand alone session or in conjunction with energy healing or astrology.


"I cannot express enough how much value I get from each session I have with Shoshana. Her unique combination of healing techniques, astrology, and ability to deeply listen has helped me see myself as never before. Her wordsmithing creates a profound understanding of why I am the way I am. That, along with her intuitive messages of guidance moves me deeper along my healing journey. I greatly appreciate her compassion, her support and her wisdom as she walks by my side during this growth period of my life." 

-Shari L. Riley, Intuitive Healer

"I am in awe of healers, but especially Erica Shoshana Rivers. She has given me strength, wisdom, peace and so much good energy over the past few months. I leave energetic healing sessions feeling like I had a four-hour nap, a long empathic sesh with loving friend, a cleanse and a good laugh all at the same time. I am enjoying this path of presence and connection. A lot of "stuck" can be unblocked."

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