What chapter do you want to celebrate?

People have always used ceremonies and rituals to help mark the chapters in their stories.  Ceremonies and rituals can help magnify the power of an experience and, in doing so, build intimacy and community. Shoshana believes that all people regardless of religious background and level of affiliation should have access to ritual and ceremony if they so choose. She's passionate about supporting people to create something that is unique and deeply meaningful to them. If you would like to explore creating a ceremony or ritual with Shoshana, please contact her for a free consultation.

"Erica Shoshana Rivers facilitated a special evening to celebrate a major transition in my life. I was blown away by how she was able to be so present while also coordinating the logistics of the evening. Any space Erica helps make is an intentional one. It is so rare to see someone embody such a range of skills and I feel truly lucky to see how these gifts can help others."  -Sara

Types of rituals and ceremonies 

  • Weddings

  • Birth

  • End of life

  • Naming ceremonies

  • Birthdays

  • Releasing rituals

  • New moon/full moon ritual

  • A new chapter beginning 

  • An old chapter closing

  • Another idea of your choosing

Reasons to do a ritual/ceremony

  • To mark a chapter

  • To magnify the power of something

  • To fully let go of something

  • To full step into something

  • To build community

  • To deepen intimacy

  • To set intentions 

  • To create a lasting memory

Shoshana's Story

Growing up in the Jewish community,  Shoshana developed a deep appreciation for the way the ceremony and ritual can mark important moments in the life cycle. In 2017, she participated in the New Earth Priestess Process which greatly  broadened her experience with creating all types of rituals for all types of moments. She officiated her first wedding in 2018 and is licensed to marry in Minnesota. Passionate about building community and fostering intimacy, she has co-created a "Colorful Coat Ceremony" for a friend about to start medical school and has also co-created a number of moon cycle, birthday and releasing rituals. 

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