To schedule a consultation, session or workshop...

Send a message to Shoshana stating your name, the type of offering and duration you're interested in as well as at least three options for times that you are available. New clients have the option of scheduling a free 15 minute phone consultation.  The majority of sessions take place either over the phone or at Shoshana's home in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. Fees are are payable through cash, check or paypal either before or at the session.  Don't hesitate to be in touch with questions or feedback. You can also contact Shoshana directly at

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Agada believes that everyone regardless of their financial situation should have access to support on their healing journey and offers sliding fee rates for each 60 minute session ranging from $50 to the stated price. If this range does not work for your situation, please contact Shoshana and she'll make every effort to work with your situation.

Oral History, Workshops, Rituals, and Ceremonies: 

Project based. Please send a message to schedule a free phone consultation. 


Storytelling, Visioning, Intuitive Coaching

60 min. session–$85

75 min. session–$110

90 min. session–$125

Energy Healing

60 min. session–$85

75 min. session–$115

90 min. session–$125


60 min. reading–$135 (**special discount $95)

60 min. follow-up–$85 (**special discount $65)



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"Shoshana is grounded, loving, and wise. Our collaboration left me feeling clear about the actions I need to take, reconnected to the messaging from my body, and somehow rested as though I'd been at a spa all day. I highly recommend you give yourself this gift."


-Christy Diane Farr