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Cultivating meaningful connections. Living meaningful lives.

Agada Integrative Storyhealing honors that stories have always been the fabric with which our human lives are woven. Learning, sharing, and healing our stories is integral to our health as individuals and as a society. Agada holds compassion for both our pain and our power and understands that healing not only involves finding freedom from pain, but simultaneous movement toward deep fulfillment and empowerment.  Guided by the understanding the healing is a creative, non-linear, multifaceted process, Agada integrates a variety of tools and modalities so as to best meet people with their unique story and life path.

Agada's Mission: Facilitate opportunities for people to experience deep connection and healing through private sessions, workshops, ceremonies and art. 

Agada's Core Values:

  • Every person's story is important.

  • Everyone regardless of race, gender or class deserves the opportunity for their story to be heard.

  • Everyone regardless of race, gender or class deserves the opportunity to heal the parts of our story that are keeping them from presence and wellbeing.

  • Our body holds our story and offers us important tools to heal it.

  • Healing is by nature multifaceted and alchemical.

  • Healing is an ongoing process that occurs in an upward spiral.

  • Healing our pain supports us to step into our power. 

  • The more we share our stories, listen deeply to others, commit to our own healing, and step into our soul purpose, the healthier our world will be. 

About Agada's Founder: 

Erica Shoshana Rivers is an oral historian, integrative healer, and artist, a fierce lover of water, the wilderness and anything that creates community.

For as long as Shoshana can remember, she has always been fascinated by stories. People, in turn, have always felt naturally drawn to share their stories with her. As Shoshana grew older, this love for stories led to a deep recognition that the empathy that develops when two different people share intimately with one another is integral to healing our relationships and our world. In 2013 she started an oral history business called "Sharing our Stories," where she conducted oral history interviews, edited transcripts, taught workshops, and developed new ways to make oral histories accessible

Through the years, Shoshana's own healing journey has led her into deep exploration of mindfulness, psychology, social justice work, astrology, visioning, energy healing, art and ritual.  She has been able to digest these healing tools into rich resources that she is able to share with others. Shoshana believes healing is an art  that flourishes when approached as a co-creative process where the client is supported to be their own healer. Passionate about breaking down barriers separating modes of healing, she intuitively incorporates a multiplicity of tools in her work within a container that is trauma-sensitive and culturally aware. Her dream is to make this work as accessible to as many people as possible. In 2019, she founded Agada Integrative Storyhealing to help make this dream a reality.

Read an update on Shoshana's current projects. 

Erica Shoshana Rivers is truly amazing. I have worked with her in many deep capacities as my music & astrology careers have blossomed into the limelight. The support she has offered me through our multi-faceted work together is deep and expansive. She works in magical and gifted ways as a healer, artist, teacher, and material galvanizer. It is clear that Shoshana has a profound contribution for this world, and anyone fortunate enough to work with her will quickly feel the power of her work. I cherish her and cannot recommend her highly enough. 


-Andrea Halverson, of Hyacinth Wilde & Grace Ascending 

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